Dr. Ruffing received his Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from the School of Professional Psychology, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio after completing his pre-doctoral internship at the University of South Florida. While there, he trained in a variety of areas of Clinical and Forensic Psychology including Neuropsychology at the VA, treatment with adolescent delinquents, private practice in Forensic Psychology with Dr. Ted Blaugh, pre-employment assessment training and practice with police personnel, extensive training in Clinical Hypnosis and practice in a variety of psychotherapy modalities and clinical assessment. Dr. Ruffing then completed a post-doctoral residency in Behavioral Medicine from the Greenville Hospital System. He worked for a short time with Spartanburg Regional Hospital and then four years with Mary Black Memorial Hospital as the Director of Psychological Services. During his time there, Dr. Ruffing began to build an independent practice in Spartanburg, SC. His practice has spanned the past 30 years and he has specialized training in conditional pre-employment psychological assessment with police and security personnel, forensic and therapeutic hypnosis, forensic and court-related evaluations, and criminal psychological profiling. Dr. Ruffing has specialized training with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in Practical Homicide Investigation, instructed by Vernon J. Geberth, M.S.M.P.S., Dr. Henry Lee, Raymond Pierce, M.A., and Dr. Richard Ovens. In addition, specialty assessment includes disability evaluations for individuals, attorneys and the Vocational Rehabilitation Office of South Carolina. Assessments are provided for both defense and prosecuting attorneys. Forensic Psychosexual Evaluations are provided. 

Dr. Ruffing's background and training are the most important aspects of the services he can offer to you. His practice includes psychological evaluations with objective, scientifically based testing and the treatment of mental health related disorders for children, adolescents and adults. Psychological assessment is determined on an individual basis and is custom designed for the specific needs and problems for which services are sought. From this, proper and appropriate treatment plans are developed and implemented with a specific focus on an eclectic style of psychological treatment to include aspects of Interpersonal, Cognitive-Behavioral and Psychodynamic therapies. Specialized training has been in Behavioral Medicine, Clinical Hypnosis, Homicide/Criminal Personality Profiling and assessment of Sexual Deviancy with treatment for a number of psychological disorders including PTSD, past traumas, depression, anxiety, panic disorder, healthy and effective parenting, childhood behavioral dyscontrol, self-esteem issues, marital discord, intimacy issues and sexual dysfunction. 

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James N. Ruffing, Psy.D.

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